Grievance Form and Instructions

Below are a standard UWUA Local 304 Grievance Form and a grievance Cheat Sheet.

Grievance Form

Grievance Cheat Sheet

Your FIRST STEP is to discuss the problem with your immediate Supervisor. If your immediate Supervisor can’t solve the issue, ask for a formal Step One meeting. As long as it is ONLY you and your Supervisor, this informal preliminary meeting does not require you having someone else with you. If your Supervisor has another exempt person to sit in on the meeting, then you should ask someone from the membership to go with you.

   Tell your Supervisor you are requestiung a formal Step One Grievance Meeting. Notify your Steward, or other Local 304 Officer, or member to be available to accompany you to this meeting.

If the grievance cannot be settled in this meeting, or you are not satisfied with the answer you recieve from the meeting, notify your Supervisor that you wish to advance the grievance to Step Two and have them initial the upper left corner of the completed Grievance Form.

You or your Steward, must notify the Local 304 President, of WHEN the company schedules your Step Two meeting.

If your grievance isn’t settled at Step 2, the union may: refer the grievance to arbitration, file an Unfair Labor Complaint with the NLRB, or negotiate a solution on your behalf with the company.

Before ANY bargained solution is accepted the union will discuss it with the the grievant.

REMEMBER: all this need to happen within specified time limits. Refer to the CBA for these time limits.

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