UWUA Local 304 Utility Workers Union of America AFL-CIO

Nominations for YOUR union’s  officers for the 2022 through 2025 term will be help at the September meeting, with elections in Octobers, and the elected representatives assuming their roles in November. We know there will be a lot going on, but this is vitally important.

There is not a lot of glory in serving as a union officer, so some would say why would I want to. The pay-off is in knowing you did YOUR part to protect your rights, benefits, and compensation for yourself and your Union Brothers and Sisters.

Being a union officer requires a commitment of time, some of which the union compensates you for and some it doesn’t. It requires discretion in how you conduct YOUR unions business to protect your union’s reputation and the member’s privacy and dignity. One of the hardest things required is discipline and self control. You must be mature enough to recognize what is wheat and what is chaff in the things you deal with within 304 as well as issues you bargain with the company.

UWUA Local 304 has been very lucky in the officers that have served. Some of them may run again, some will not. Some who serve in one position may vie for another. Some will have an agenda of their own, while most will have the selfless dedication of serving just to be of service to the ideal of unionism.

Don’t be afraid to talk to current officers or prospective ones. Decide who you will support or if you may even offer yourself for consideration by the membership for a position in the union.

Too many times you’ve heard it said that, “YOU ARE THE UNION”, but truer words were never spoken. Vote like your LIFE and your job depends on it because it probably does!