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Workers Standing Together Still Middle Class America’s Best Defense

Tim Paulson is the executive director of the San Francisco Labor Council, and his recent article in SF Gate he outlines what many in unions already know; workers standing together is the last line of defense against an ever increaing income gap caused by corporate greed. Paulson strings together the picture faced ...
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International Union Density

Those who are against unions like to pretend that the labor movement is some homegrown wacko movement that breaks out in a few confined geographical areas of the U.S. that's usually led by troublemakers.  The truth is that the labor movement is a worldwide struggle fought by workers in almost ...
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No Secrets With Open Secrets

Open Secrets is a website dedicated to exposing the elephant in the room in American politics: MONEY! It's a quality site that's been used as a research tool by news organizations in discovering who is beholding to who in the political arena. Visit it today and learn! Open Secrets report ...
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UWUA Local 304

Weingarten Tab Added For our Members

UWUA Local 304 has added a new "Weingarten" tab to our website to inform all our members of what Weingarten Rights are and how to use them to protect themselves.    The tab is under the TOP MENUS, under NEWS, go to UWUA LOCAL 304 NEWS and look for the ...
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Utility Worker Magazine

Read 304’s Story

Local 304 was featured in the UWUA magazine The Utility Worker. Click to read our story! ...
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