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Things You Need to Know about “Right to Work”

   So far, 28 states have enacted RTW (Right To Work) laws, predominantly in the South and Southwest. While right-to-work laws have nothing to do with rights, work, or guaranteeing jobs for workers, some in the business community view it as a strategy for attracting new businesses to locate in ...
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Who Would Do Such A Thing?

The effects of West Virginia's so called "Right To Work" are creeping into unions across our state. "Right To Work" is often translated as "Right To Work For Less", and is often pointed out as a law that confers no rights, or provides no work. The sole purpose of "Right ...
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UWUA To Stay at Harrison!

   Once again, Harrison Power Station employees sent a clear message to anyone who was listening that Harrison is a UNION station! In a mail in vote counted October 14th, 2021, Harrison workers gave the UWUA a clear and decisive 85 to 53 mandate as our collective bargaining representative.   ...
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The Passion of Those Who Support 304

The reason union organizing drives and drives to de-certify a union can get so tense and adversarial is because those who favor unionization are passionate about it and willing to stand up and defend it. The act of forming a union, especially in this day and age, is an uphill ...
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Labor Day Is About U(nion)!

   Which of these do you currently have: ___ Homeowners Insurance ___ Automobile Insurance ___ Health Insurance ___ Life Insurance If you checked ANY of he above, have you considered protecting  the ONE thing that allows you to afford coverage for the things you've worked so hard for? Wouldn't it ...
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