News from UWUA Local 304

UWUA Local 304 Family Picnic 2019

   What a wonderful turnout for yesterdays 2nd Annual 304 picnic.  I know forces beyond our control prevented some from coming, however, good fellowship was had by all that were in attendance.    Below is a list of prizes that were drawn for.  All dues paying members were eligible for ...
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Labor Day 2019

Any union local’s primary mission is to keep the memberships wages, benefits, and working conditions moving forward. And protect these things that make work pay. As we celebrate Labor Day 2019, a pall hangs over all workers in our beloved home in 'Almost Heaven' West Virginia. This dark cloud is ...
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August’s Monthly Meeting Update

This month we braved the rumors of the Hell’s Angels and Pagans War and made it through the monthly meeting unscathed. We covered many topics as always and there was no shortage of input. We went over upcoming events as these next couple of months will be busy ones for ...
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June’s Monthly Meeting Update

This month’s meeting was informative as always. We covered the usual subjects and really took a step back to focus on safety. We talked thoroughly about the incident that put one of members in the hospital here recently. Also, we investigated things we could do outside of work to get ...
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Contracting Out: Understanding The Impacts

*Daphne T. Greenwood, Ph. D. is professor of economics and director of the Colorado Center for Policy Studies at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. In addition to serving in the Colorado House of Representatives from 1990‐1994, she has been a visiting scholar at the U. S. Treasury Department and the Institute for Research on Poverty, University of Wisconsin‐Madison, Honors Professor at the U. S. Naval Academy and a corporate economist with Esmark, Inc. Dr. Greenwood authored a recent award winning book on local economic development in the United States and has published widely in the public policy arena. She authored a study for the Colorado Center forPolicy Studies, adjunct to the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, entitled: "The Decision To Contract out: Undestanding The Full Economic and Social Impacts." (click for full article) *Her Key Findings include: Outsourcing to private corporations undermines principles fundamental to our democratic system by creating conditions such as:   Reduced accountability, transparency, and clarity about who’s in charge ...
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