304-logo-111111We are a local of Utility Workers Union of America, Local 304. Our local began when some forward thinking employees saw the end for Allegheny Energy when it was announced that we were merging with First Energy Corporation of Akron, Ohio.

After Allegheny’s flirtation in 2003 with bankruptcy, and years of arbitrary management decisions and leadership inconsistencies, the employees of Harrison Power Station decided that it was in their best interests to organize Local 304 and have a voice in our combined and collective future with our new owner.

All this was before the war on working people exploded nationally with ambitious politicians, like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, pushing measures to silence workers voices and establish Right-To-Work legislation to starve unions out of existence.

On September 29th, 2010, Harrison employees voted “UNION YES” and UWUA Local 304 was born. We stand proudly with our UNION Brothers and Sisters and willingly join the fight for dignity and democracy in the American workplace.

Be wise- Organize! Organize to survive!