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The Danger Of Ignorance

Recently, West Virginia Public Broadcasting posted an article claiming Harrison Power Station, OUR station, was one of the "deadliest" polluters and that emissions from our plant was responsible for contributing to 122 premature deaths in the U.S. annually. The data used to support the article came from a propaganda piece ...
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West Virginia Workers

What Is A West Virginia Workers Life Worth?

What is a West Virginia workers life worth? According to the West Virginia Legislature, as stated in the narrowly passed House Bill 3270, a worker's life is worth $500,00 total. The bill in question is to amend the deliberate intent statute in workers compensation to limit noneconomic damages to $500,000.  ...
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Making The Case-Pleasants Power Station

Pleasants Power Station is set to be closed down in less than 6 months. The economic effects have been thoroughly examined and discussed, quite eloquently by the letter from Craig Straight sent to the West Virginia Public Service Commission (click to read) on the behalf of all Pleasants employees.  but ...
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Physician’s Statement/Release

All,      It has come to the attention of the executive board that the company is using a form, X-4559 (Physician Statement/Release), to gather information about your recent illness/medical procedure with your help.  The form itself is not the question, but rather two portions of the form have come into ...
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NEW Collective Bargaining Agreement Online!

  Our NEW 2022- 2026 Collective Bargaining Agreement is now available at 304 Resources! ...
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