UWUA Local 304

UWUA Local 304, AFL-CIO, will share anything on our website with anybody who is a friend of labor. We only ask to be notified as to who is using anything from our site, what publication in which it will appear, and when it will run. We ask all material “borrowed” from our site appear in it’s entirety, without edits, and be credited to UWUA Local 304.

We DO NOT include BYLINES on posts that our written by our membership. Unless otherwise noted, most posts represent the views of one of our members and may, or may not, be the opinion of UWUA Local 304,  or the National UWUA.

We make every effort to credit SOURCE material to the originating author in our posts. If material is ONLINE, we will provide links (where possible) to said source material.

If we use an article from another publication, we make every effort to obtain permission of the author or publication, we make no edits to the original material, and credit the publication in which the article originally appeared. We ask the same courtesy.

NOTHING appears on our site that hasn’t FIRST been approved by UWUA Local 304’s President, or his designee.

This statement does not disqualify, negate, or surrender any rights of UWUA Local 304 as the publisher and owner of this website to any other person, group, or party.

These statements are meant to only explain our philosophy about how our site is used by those viewing it, and is not meant as a legally binding PRIVACY POLICY. 

BOTTOM LINE: if we publish something and it’s a MISTAKEwe admit it and fix it.

We are humans and a small union Local with working officers (not on full-time union business) with regular jobs, family committments, and social responsibilities. We only ask the same consideration of those borrrowing from our site as we give to those whom we may borrow from ourselves.

People working together is a hallmark of unionism and a core belief within UWUA Local 304, AFL-CIO.