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Being a Union Is All About Making Things Better

At January's Regular Meeting, we got our first glimpse of the process we have to follow to offer our membership healthcare through our union. The CEO, Mr. Elliot Dinkin, from Cowden Health and Welfare Consulting Services gave a presentation of what we can expect as we navigate through the process ...
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Union Members Legal Recognition

It's easy to sit back and complain and ask what your union dues actually do for you. The answer is even easier; your status as a union member gives you protected legal status under federal law. Here is a brief rundown of some of the main laws that enshrine your ...
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You Against “The MATRIX”!

Working for a multi-billion dollar corporation puts you at an extreme disadvantage if, somewhere along the line, you and the company should have a disagreement. After all, the company employs a whole department of legal professionals in every legal area in which they presently or may operate. This vast network ...
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Don’t Take What You Have For Granted!

Division has infiltrated almost everything in our lives. Much of the fuel that fires those passions that causes such splits are being carefully manipulated and fanned into a white hot inferno that destroys families, friendships, churches, as well as erosion to all three branches of our democracy. The same forces ...
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Biggest Coal Polluter Isn’t Power Plants

Coal has been around forever, and thanks to new technology, better metering, and better scientific and engineering practices, it's cleaner to burn than ever in our human history. There is one coal user that is totally unregulated and free to burn without ANY of the safegaurds and processes used in ...
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