News from UWUA Local 304

Nominations for UWUA Local 304’s 2022-2025 Term

Nominations for YOUR union's  officers for the 2022 through 2025 term will be help at the September meeting, with elections in Octobers, and the elected representatives assuming their roles in November. We know there will be a lot going on, but this is vitally important. There is not a lot ...
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Moving Forward With a New Attitude!

Your union has a lot going on. While we have bargained our next contract, waiting for results of past arbitration  and  preparing future ones, filing unfair labor practices against the company for unfairly jockeying schedules, updating our union's By Laws, and finding us a new permanent union hall. Most of ...
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UWUA Local 304 Has a Home!

In an overwhelming majority, UWUA Local 304 members voted almost 4 to 1 to establish it's 1st ever Union Hall home! ...
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How To Be A Union

Your union has made every effort to make you aware of labor history, a neglected part of our American history, but now it's time to look forward. Union members have been the recognized professionals in all fields of trade craft. The reason is simple, they have the training, experience, and ...
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West Virginia’s White-Washed Heritage

The power of the media to shape public opinion has always been with us since the foundation of our state, as well as our country. You could liken our nation's founding to a union organizing drive, with all the elements of an indifferent and unresponsive ruler, his cruel and brutal ...
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