UWUA Local 304 Utility Workers Union of America AFL-CIO
UWUA Local 304

It was fortuitous in the fact that, as a Local, we had NO uncontested races in our union’s elections for the 2016-2019 term for our union’s 3rd administration.

It wasn’t for lack of nominations at our well attended last regular September meeting, but the list of nominees winnowed down with those accepting nomination and those deferring the honor by declining.

Such a set of circumstances were never considered when we he nominations, so your union’s leadership consulted the UWUA National. The UWUA National informed you union’s leadership that in such a case, an election could be held or the elections could be certified administratively, among the officers on the Executive Board.

Ever cognizant of our fiduciary duties, your union decided that instead of spending YOUR money, we handled the election through the administrative process. With no real opposition races, it seemed the most simple and cheaper way to dispose of this issue without putting any additional burdens on the membership, who is diligently doing the same great work as always dealing with running and maintaining Harrison Power Station.

These are YOUR unions officers, all ran unopposed:

(I)=INCUMBENT   Officers in RED are Executive Board Members

President: Tom Cunningham (I) 

Vice-President: Barry Leonard

Secretary Treasurer: Glen Langdon

Recording Secretary Joey Pelligrin (I)

Trustees: Don Ganoe (I), Eugene Baker (I), and Kevin Robinson (I)

Sergeant At Arms: Cam Sayre (I)              Safety Representative: Ken Yanda

Mechanical Stewards: Carson Snyder, Tom Hamilton, Quentin Ross, Drew Friend, Brady Joseph “Joey” Moore

Electrical Stewards: Tony Noll, Stewart Whitehair

Operations Stewards: William “Trey” McQuaid III, Phil Harr

Coal Handling Stewards: Burt Corley (I), Scott R. Swiger (I), Erick Davis (I)

SWP Stewards: Geoff Swiger, Tony Washington, Amber Moyer

I&C (Results) Steward: Jay Givens (I)              Chem. Tech Steward: Jonathan Cunningham

Stores Steward: Jeff Kregger                               Planners Steward: Jeff Fleming (I)


2016-2019 Administration will take over and be sworn in at the November Regular Monthly Meeting.

Your union wishes to THANK all who are serving, as well as all that have. It is a special and unique person who will not only fight for their own rights, but also volunteer to fight for YOURS!