UWUA Local 304 Utility Workers Union of America AFL-CIO


   Which of these do you currently have:

___ Homeowners Insurance

___ Automobile Insurance

___ Health Insurance

___ Life Insurance

If you checked ANY of he above, have you considered protecting  the ONE thing that allows you to afford coverage for the things you’ve worked so hard for?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have job insurance? The kind that protects your job from unfair persecution by those above you with whom you may disagree, protection against being unjustly accused or even fired?

That’s what a UNION is! If something just arise at work that threatens your earning ability, whether that be an overtime issue, a seniority issue, or disciplinary actions against you that affect your wages or job; a UNION is the only mechanism you have to effectively fight any of the above, and more.

Corporations have entire departments for their legal protection, heavily staffed with attorneys, para-legals, researchers, and staff, and ready to jump to the defense of the company at a moments notice. Don’t you, as a worker, deserve the same resources if your livelihood  is threatened?

Now, out of the insurance coverage types listed above, which gives you a refund if you don’t use them. Do you get you homeowners premiums back if your house doesn’t burn down? Do you get your car insurance money back if you don’t crash your car? Do you get any type of rebate or refund on your healt or life insurance if you don’t get sick or die? The answer is, “NO!”

Even if you don’t attend your union meetings or take advantage of any of the benefits that being in a union offers, at the very least, you still have the resources and experience of a national organization and local representation who will fight for you.

Here’s the kicker, except for the last few years, union dues have been tax deductible. If the current Administration has it’s way, they will be again.

If you think you can decertify a union and then just vote one back in if you don’t like the changes that happen afterwards, then you have no idea how hard and brutal a union organizing campaign is. The UWUA invested years and money in Harrison Power Station joining them. When a union decertifies, no other union wants to affiliate with a workforce that exhibited such reckless  and short sided view of their workplace and their role in it. They won’t.

If you are lucky enough to belong to an established union, Labor Day is all about YOU!