304 Resources

UWUA Local 304 By-Laws

Tentative Settlement Agreement

Preamble and Successors & Assigns

Article I: Recognition of the Union- Section 1: Unit Defined- Section 2: Non-Discrimination

Article II: Union Membership and Dues– Section 1: Terms of Membership- Section 2: Dues Deduction- Section 3: Union                                  Activities- Section 4: COPE Fund

Article III: Management Rights

Article IV: No Strike/No Lock-Out

Article V: Grievance and Arbitration– Section 1: Step Process- Section 2: Arbitration- Section 3: Step Waiver/Change of Facts

Section 4: Union Investigation

Article VI: Seniority– Section 1: Definition- Section 2: Seniority Rosters- Section 3: Promotions- Section 4: Postings- Section 5:    Transferee Seniority- Section 6: Return Rights- Section 7: Incapacitated Employees- Section 8: Layoffs- Section 9: Loss of Seniority

Article VII: Hours of Work-Section 1: Shifts Defined- Section 2: Work Week/Overtime Defined- Section 3: Overtime Calculations- Section 4: Change of Schedule- Section 5: Weekend Equalization of Overtime and Shift Trades- Section 6: Shift Premiums- Section 7: Meals- Section 8: Holidays- Section 9: Overtime Call Out- Section 10: Double Time After 16 Hours- Section 11: Minimum Call Out- Section 12: Resource Sharing

Article VIII: PADS (Paid Absence Days)– Section 1: Annual Allotment- Section 2: PADS Approval

Article IX: VPADS– Section 1: Eligibility- Section 2: Annual Allotment- Section 3: Grandfathered Allotment- Section 4: Deferred VPADS- Section 5: Unused VPADS- Section 6: Usage- Section 7: VPAD Approval- Section 8: VPAD Selection- Section 9: Exercise of Seniority- Section 10: Single Day Usage- Section 11: Four Increments- Section 12: Illness/Injury During VPADS- Section 13: Breavement During VPADS

Article X: Excused Absences– Section 1: Full Time Employees- Section 2: Bereavement/Jury Duty/ Rest-(a) Death In Family- (b) Jury Duty- (c) Rest Period

Article XI: Wages– Section 1: General Terms- Section 2: Wage Tables- Section 3: Rates/Incentive Pay- Section 4: Job Revisions- Section 5: Progression and Qualifications- Section 6: Automatic Open-Progression- Section 7: Cross Training- Section 8: Completion of Training- Section 9: Cross Bidding- Section 10: Re-Qualification- Section 11 (typo reads 110): Staffing- Section 12 (typo reds 120): Cross Training Adder

Article XII: Sickness and Injury– Section 1: Non-Industrial Sickness and Injury- Section 2: Industrial Illness and Injury- Section 3: Eligibility- Section 4: Accumulated Service- Section 5: No Accrual of Benefits- Section 6: Effect on Wage Increase- Section 7: Reporting and Documentation Obligations- Section 8: Willful Conduct- Section 9: Abuse of…

Article XIII: Pensions– Section 1: Pre-2015 Employees- Section 2: Allocation of Benefits- Section 3: Post 2014 Employees

Article XIV: Flexible Benefits: Section 1: Flexible Benefits- Section 2 Medical and Perscription Drug Plans- Section 3: Dental and Vision- Section 4: Healthcare (pre-1993)- Section Section 5: Savings Plan

Article XV: LTD (Disability)

Article XVI: Safety Committee- Section 1: Site Safety Committee- Section 2: First Energy Generation Safety Committee

Article XVII: Working Conditions- Section 1: Bulletin Boards- Section 2: Safety Rules and Safety Equipment Allowance- Section 3: Contractor Clause- Section 4: Contract Information- Section 5: Supervisors- Section 6: Reporting Off- Section 7: Required Meetings- Section 8: Secondary Employment- Section 9: Modified Duty

Article XVIII: Conflicts with Laws and Regulations

Article XIX: Random Drug and Alcohol– Section 1: Random Dug and Alcohol Testing- Section 2: Consequences of a Positive Test- Section 3: Refusal to Sign an LCA- Section 4: Term of LCA- Section 5: Immediate Consequences of a Positive Test- Section 6: Voluntarily Seeking Help- Section 7: Refusal to Sign

Article XX: Miscellaneous– Section 1: General Terms- Section 2: Types of Employees Defined- Section 3: Supervisors- Section 4: Notices- Section 5: Union Reps- Section 6: Negotiations

Article XXI: Terms of Renewal

Appendix A-1: Wage Table

Appendix B: Alternative Schedules

Appendix C: Cross Trained Employees

Memorandum Of Agreement concerning the use of VPADS and PADS to supplememnt Sick Pay

Memorandom Of Agreement Signed on 09/30/2015 dealing with FMLA Occurences, Cancelled O/T, Meal Tickets, Call Time, Severe Weather, Breavement, Sick Time for use for Doctor Appointments, UVACS, Monday Vacation Pick Protecting The Weekend.

Memorandom Of Agreement Signed on 10/22/2015 concerning Open Progression within the Results Department

Memorandums of Agreement signed on 05/17/2016 concerning:

(1)Subsequent Day Vacation Picks

(2) Afternoon Breaks on 10 Hour Shifts

(3) SWP Schedule Change

(4)Shift Differential M.O.U.

(5) Window Pay M.O.U.

(6) FE Rep MOU

Pocket CBA Side Letter

Information Request Form

*Allegheny Sick Plan SPD and Attendence Guidelines 

Grievance Forms and Instructions

First Energy SAP Time Codes

Physicians Release for Duty

Union Time Sheet


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