304 Resources

UWUA Local 304 By-Laws


UWUA Local 304 Collective Bargaining Agreement 2018-2022 


Memorandum Of Agreement concerning the use of VPADS and PADS to supplememnt Sick Pay

Memorandom Of Agreement Signed on 09/30/2015 dealing with FMLA Occurences, Cancelled O/T, Meal Tickets, Call Time, Severe Weather, Breavement, Sick Time for use for Doctor Appointments, UVACS, Monday Vacation Pick Protecting The Weekend.

Memorandom Of Agreement Signed on 10/22/2015 concerning Open Progression within the Results Department

Memorandums of Agreement signed on 05/17/2016 concerning:

(1)Subsequent Day Vacation Picks

(2) Afternoon Breaks on 10 Hour Shifts

(3) SWP Schedule Change

(4)Shift Differential M.O.U.

(5) Window Pay M.O.U.

(6) FE Rep MOU

Pocket CBA Side Letter

Information Request Form

*Allegheny Sick Plan SPD and Attendence Guidelines 

Grievance Forms and Instructions

First Energy SAP Time Codes

Physicians Release for Duty

Union Time Sheet


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