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I saw the story below on the WDTV the other day, and there was one part of this story that stood out to me.  It was a quote from one of the people interviewed.

They said, “I work for a place where I am union, and that’s just how it is,” says Elaine Darnell of Morgantown. “But, I have the choice to work there or not to work there, so…”.

Whether you are for or against Right-To-Work, unions, etc. ; this quote holds true for both sides of the issue.  It is your choice to work where you do, and if you don’t like where you work you look for another job.

You have the Right To Work already, as well as the right to NOT work, but don’t kid yourself; Right To Work is about weakening unions and impeding their ability to protect workers rights.

Click below for the entire story:

Right to Work: Solution for Our Struggling Economy?

Written by Matthew Baumgarten

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Created on November 16, 2015 @ 6:51PM